The Deva Cut

Ashley has been to New York for the very best curly hair education in the world, and is now an “Advanced Deva Inspired Stylist”. Tara has been to Deva training as well and is a “Deva Inspired Stylist.” While the products are amazing, it is the Deva cutting technique that makes ‘Deva Inspired Stylists’ so sought after. A dry cut approach makes all the difference, and only Deva trained stylists know how to do it right!

Devacurl Products

Devacurl Products

Deva Curl products are the very highest quality products available for curly hair. The key is an abundance of moisture. You will love the difference it makes in your curl! The entire line is SLS FREE, which helps colour last longer, and leaves hair shiny without stripping away your natural, healthy oils. Devacurl comes in different strengths to ensure that every curly girl (or guy) has the right product for their individual curl needs. Come in and have one of our Deva trained stylists give you a ‘Deva’ transformation service so that they can teach you how to use the product properly, and they can then recommend an at-home regimen that will work best for YOU!


DevaCurl Video

This video is a must watch for anyone with curly hair. It takes you through the proper use of the DevaCurl products and shows you the amazing results! Even if you already use the product, it is always good to have a crash course on how to use them properly, as it is a routine that can take some people a while to get right. Enjoy!

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