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Our clients’ happiness is our number one concern. We are more than happy to make any tweaks to any chemical service or cuts you receive at Trichology Stylists for free within ONE WEEK of the initial service being completed, provided our policies are respected.


Technical Service Policies

1) We at Trichology do not promote any client leaving the salon after a chemical service with wet hair. We as artists need to be able to critique our work before you leave, and chemical services can change in look, texture, and quality from wet to dry. If you do choose to leave with wet hair, you forfeit any and all liability on the part of Trichology Stylists. Any service that is not to your satisfaction will in no way be changed, fixed, or altered at the expense of Trichology Stylists, and the expense will fall upon you.

2) If you are given specific instructions on how to care for your chemical service, you must follow these instructions to the letter, in order for Trichology to live up to our guarantee. For example, if you receive an American Wave service, you will be instructed to not wash your own hair for 48 hours. You will then return for a follow-up appointment with your service provider who will wash your hair for you. This is to ensure that the wave holds, as washing it too soon, or with heavily sulphated shampoo, can eliminate your wave. This also gives your service provider a chance to check their work and ensure that it did what the stylist expects from the service. If we suspect that you have washed your own hair before returning for your followup appointment, we no longer guarantee your wave. The same is true for things like fashion colours. If your stylist recommends when to wash it and with what type of product, it is for a good reason. Trust your stylists’ recommendations for the longevity of your services.

Late & No Show Policy

At Trichology Stylists, we try our hardest to ensure that everyone is given equal and fair treatment. We book our clients very similarly to the way appointments are booked in a doctors office. If you show up late for a doctors appointment, you will be asked to re-schedule your appointment so that the next patient (that shows up on time) is not made to wait. Late clients create a domino effect on a stylists day as well. It would not be fair of us to ask our next guest to wait because you showed up late. Hair can be unpredictable, and we may fall behind even when everyone shows up on time, so to add squeezing in a late client on top of this, is unfair to our other guests.

If you know that you are going to miss your appointment, please provide us with a minimum of 24-hours notice. We do charge any appointments that are not cancelled at least 24hours in advance, 50% of the “pre-booked services “cost upon their next visit to the salon. (We always consider the circumstances of a cancelled appointment before charging this fee).

Courtesy Calls

If you do not receive a courtesy call by the day before your scheduled appointment and you are not sure of the time of your appointment, please call the salon to confirm the time.

Entourage policy

We are a busy salon with limited seating, so we ask those that can, to come to your appointments alone. If you need to bring someone because you need a drive, or you need to bring a child for any reason, we completely understand. However, if our waiting area is full, we ask that your attendant please give up their seat so that a paying client may sit and wait for their appointment. We also ask that your attendant please not leave the waiting area to join you. Our stylist chairs are for paying customers only.


Lice have become an epidemic, and it is not your fault if you have it! We never wish to make anyone feel as though they have done anything wrong with having lice. We do expect that, if you know you have lice, you let us know prior to your appointment. We are unable to allow people with head lice to stay in the salon as chances of the salon becoming contaminated is high. If you are taken to the basin and washed before we are aware of the presence of lice, only to discover it after the hair is wet, we do retain the right to ask you to leave the salon with wet hair, without completing the service. If we have begun cutting your hair before we are aware of any lice, we will finish the cutting portion of the service only. You will be asked at that point to leave with wet hair.  We must take every precaution to stop the spread of head lice within the salon. The utmost professionalism will be used when notifying clients of an infestation, and we are more than happy to reschedule your appointment for a later date when you have had time to deal with the issue.

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